Police have arrested three individuals in connection to a shootout in Falmouth, MA, that left Officers Donald DeMiranda and Ryan Moore injured on Friday afternoon.

The gun battle broke out after Officers DeMiranda and Moore responded to a disturbance call. Investigators said that 21-year-old Malik Antonio Koval "produced a gun and began shooting at the officers." Officers returned fire, striking Koval several times.

During the gunfight, shots struck Moore in the neck, causing a grazing wound, and DeMiranda was struck in the chest—the bullet was reportedly stopped by his ballistic vest. Officers DeMiranda and Moore are both in good condition, according to MassLive.

In addition to arresting Koval—the main suspect who allegedly shot the officers—police also arrested 38-year-old Kimberly Koval and 18-year-old Marcus Maseda, who allegedly interfered with the officers.

Kimberly Koval and Maseda were charged with the obstruction of justice, interfering with the duties of a police officer, and assault and battery on a police officer.