At next week's Expo Seguridad in Mexico City Plasan will be showing its broad range of products and solutions, and it will be unveiling an all-new lightweight armored vehicle.

The Yagu will be making its debut on the Plasan stand at the exhibition. In the spirit of "the element of surprise" that the new vehicle embodies, details are still scarce but the company says it can reveal that the Yagu is an ultralight and super agile vehicle with an unprecedented level of protection for a vehicle at this low weight.

There is high demand for a light and agile vehicle with the dynamic attributes of a buggy. But invariably the need for protection is traded off in the interests of keeping the weight down. These unprotected vehicles end up unusable in dangerous areas and are often relegated to the role of runarounds on bases; disappointed soldiers have been known to call them "expensive golf carts," the company says.

By contrast, Yagu carries a crew of 3 with 360-degree protection against high-velocity threats, in air-conditioned comfort, with excellent situational awareness. With the optional Remote Weapon Station, it is a truly usable combat vehicle, deployable for use by special forces, border guards, or on counter-terror operations. Easily maneuverable in urban environments, and highly mobile off-road, there is nowhere that Yagu can't take the chase, the company says.

The Yagu will be shown at Expo Seguridad in Mexico City from April 24 to April 26 in Booth 1415.