A veteran Hartford, CT, was stabbed in the neck and critically wounded during a struggle with a woman being evicted from a downtown apartment Thursday morning, authorities said. The suspect is in custody.

The officer was reportedly out of surgery and recovering Thursday evening. Her name was not released.

The suspect, identified as Chevoughn Augustin, 39, has been charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault, assault on a police officer and third-degree criminal mischief.

The stabbing happened while the female officer was trying to handcuff the woman, Deputy Chief Brian Foley told the Hartford Courant.

“Two officers were dispatched,” he said. “[The victim] just happened to be on scene first. Remember, this is a landlord tenant dispute, there was no report of a weapon at first. This was protocol.”

Police said the woman who was being evicted was inside with a couple of maintenance workers, and the officer began to try to talk the person out of the apartment.

“Unfortunately, a struggle ensued,” Foley said. “At this point, we believe the suspect produced a knife, grabbed the officer in a headlock, and stabbed her in the throat, likely multiple times.”

Maintenance workers managed to pull the woman off the officer. A Hartford Police officer responding to the incident is a trained EMT and administered medical attention on scene to his injured comrade before rushing her to the hospital.