A new bill in the Mississippi state legislature would allow ambulances to transport injured law enforcement K-9s.

The bill, filed by Rep. Jay Hughes, D-Oxford, said any law enforcement dog used by a police enforcement or governing agency of a county or municipality injured or wounded in the line of work would be eligible for transport, the Clarion Ledger reports.

Hughes said he was asked by some law enforcement K-9 handlers and ambulance drivers to file the bill.

"In addition to providing emergency medical services and transportation to human personnel, an emergency medical technician may transport a law enforcement dog injured in the line of duty to a veterinary clinic or similar facility if there are no persons requiring medical attention or transport at the time," House Bill 386 says.

Hughes bill was double referred to the House Judiciary B Committee and the Health and Human Services Committee. Often sending a bill to two committees kills it.The first deadline for bills to reported out of committee is Jan. 30.

If the bill passes, it would take effect July 1.