VIDEO: FL Sheriff Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves to Stop Active Shooters

The Florida sheriff who told sexual offenders and predators to steer clear of shelters during Hurricane Irma has made another strong statement.

In a Facebook video, which had more than 73,000 views by midday Wednesday, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd called on residents to arm themselves to be prepared for the next active-shooter situation, the Washington Post reports. He called the Texas church gunman “a nut” and “mentally deranged, obviously.” Then he added, “Someone’s got to be there with a gun to stop them.”

“I mean, think about it,” he says in the video. “He shows up with an AR-15 and a lot of ammunition, sure it’s easy to kill people when there’s no one there shooting back. But all of that changed when the neighbor shows up with a gun and starts shooting at him.”