The number of criminal cases dropped due to allegations of police misconduct in Baltimore continues to rise, prosecutors said.

Photo: Baltimore PD/Facebook

Photo: Baltimore PD/Facebook

The alleged misconduct includes body camera videos that appear to show officers planting evidence and a federal indictment of eight officers on racketeering and fraud charges, reports the Associated Press.

News outlets reported a statement Monday from State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's office said a total of 125 cases relying on the indicted officers' testimony will be dropped. Prosecutors also said they have dropped or will drop more than 200 cases linked to officers involved in the body-camera incidents if more time isn't granted for additional investigation.

Mosby's office said in all, nearly 850 state criminal cases have been impacted. Baltimore Public Defender's Special Litigation Section head Debbie Katz Levi put her office's estimate at more than 2,000.