Four people suspected of firing guns from a vehicle during a funeral procession were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon in Hillside, IL, after the Chicago suburb’s police chief ran his SUV into the suspects’ vehicle following a brief chase.

A 911 caller said gunfire was coming from a vehicle in the funeral procession, said Chief Joseph Lukaszek of the Hillside Police Department.

Lukaszek and other responding officers attempted to pull the car over, but the chief eventually made a decision to ram his SUV into the vehicle to force it to stop.

Police believe the incident was gang-related. Lukaszek said there have been previous gang problems related to funerals. “At Oak Ridge Cemetery, there’s a lot of gang funerals that are completely out of control,” the chief told the Chicago Tribune.

The four suspects have a total of more than 160 arrests among them and they remained in custody, awaiting charges, on Tuesday night.