Officer Marcus McNeil (Photo: New Orleans PD)

Officer Marcus McNeil (Photo: New Orleans PD)

New Orleans police officer Marcus McNeil tussled with his accused killer and used his stun gun before he was fatally shot early Friday, according to a warrant for the shooter's arrest, reports the Times-Picayune.

The accused shooter, Darren Bridges, 30, was booked with first-degree murder of a police officer and other charges stemming from the shooting. Bridges, who was injured after being shot by another officer, was still in the hospital Saturday afternoon (Oct. 14), according to an Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office official.

According to the warrant, police have video showing McNeil dressed in blue tactical uniform identifying him as a police officer as he approached Bridges, who the warrant said had a backpack that investigators later learned contained illegal drugs.

The details contained in the warrant say surveillance video captured a fight between McNeil and Bridges, who was armed with "a unique firearm." During the tussle, McNeil used his stun gun but the warrant said the weapon "appeared ineffective."

The document then said several gunshots were fired, and McNeil could be heard screaming. The report said another shot was heard after a pause, and that McNeil never removed his service pistol from his holster. McNeil's gun was found in his holster when his body was discovered, Barnes wrote.