5.11 today announced Quiet Warrior, an initiative that aims to highlight the professionalism, compassion, heroism, and humility that drives public service professionals to go above and beyond the call of duty within their communities. Heroism comes in many shapes and sizes, and Quiet Warrior is intended to pay tribute to the everyday courage and bravery of law enforcement, military, and first responders. Through the partnership, small acts of kindness that often go unnoticed will be acknowledged and honored throughout various communities across the U.S. Additionally, this initiative works to strengthen the bond between the public service community and citizens by giving the general public the opportunity to recognize their local heroes.

Each month, 5.11 will select one outstanding serviceman or servicewoman to be recognized as a Quiet Warrior, celebrating the significant impact his or her commitment, selflessness, and valor has on the community.

In addition to announcing Quiet Warrior and inviting individuals to submit a hero for consideration, 5.11 is launching its Quiet Warrior video series. The brand has selected Jonny Castro, a Philadelphia police officer, as its first video-featured Quiet Warrior. Castro served in Iraq from 2004 to 2005, and upon returning home from deployment, he joined his local police academy. He served on patrol for nine years before transferring to the graphic arts unit to work as a forensic artist. With a natural passion for the arts, Castro attended art school prior to enlisting in the Army. Collectively, he has painted more than 90 portraits of officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their communities, garnering noteworthy industry attention. Castro notes that his mission is simple—to honor the heroes that have gone before us and beautifully tell their stories. You can view the video feature on Castro here.

5.11 will begin accepting Quiet Warrior nominations today, July 19, 2017. Community members can head to the Quiet Warrior page on the 5.11 website to nominate their own Quiet Warrior.

The law enforcement and public safety communities continue to remain one of 5.11’s core audiences. Spotlighting the foundation on which the 5.11 brand was built, Quiet Warrior is 5.11’s way of honoring exceptional servicemen and women across the U.S., and shed light on the amazing things law enforcement, first-responder, and military personnel do on a daily basis, both on and off duty.                     

5.11 will be supporting Quiet Warrior throughout the remainder of 2017 and beyond. To learn more about the brand, visit www.511tactical.com.