VIDEO: Louisville Police Release Footage of Attack on Officer, Fatal OIS

The Metro Louisville Police Department has released body-worn camera video of an incident in which an officer was wounded and a suspect was killed this weekend.

Officers were called to a vacant house on Oleanda Avenue near Churchill Downs Saturday at 10:30 p.m. A neighbor had seen a man exit one of the homes on the street and enter the vacant house next door and called 911.

Video released by Chief Steve Conrad shows officers conducting a search of the home, announcing their presence numerous times. After searching the first floor, officers ascended a stairway to the second floor where they encountered William Allen Young Jr.

The chief said the video shows Young crouched behind a wall in an “ambush-like position.” Young then reportedly charged at Officer Russell Braun with a wooden-handled metal spike that the chief described as looking like a “meat skewer of some type.” The skewer struck Officer Braun in the left chest near his throat, the chief said. Officers opened fire, shooting and killing Young.

Officer Braun fell when he was hit with the skewer while reportedly in the act of shooting at Young. The chief said it is believed that this attack caused Officer Braun to shoot himself in his left hand.

The chief told the press that three officers were at the scene. It is believed Braun and one other officer fired the shots. All three, however, are on administrative leave per department policy.

The chief cautioned the press that he was releasing the information before the investigation was complete and it was subject to change. He said he was releasing the information and the body camera video of Braun and another officer in the interest of transparency. The third officer’s camera did not capture the incident.

Officer Braun was taken to the hospital and treated Saturday night. He was released but is expected to need surgery.

Young was pronounced dead at the scene. The chief said Young had been arrested locally 11 times since 2003 and convicted of domestic violence and criminal trespassing among other charges. He was reportedly homeless.

Young's family is questioning the need for the shooting and the number of rounds fired by officers.--David Griffith