VIDEO: Marine Saves Memphis Officer from Attack

A Good Samaritan spotted a Memphis police officer in trouble Monday, so he stepped in to help, reports WMC.

The officer had stopped Michael Greene, who was trying to sell an EBT card outside a Cash Saver store.

When asked to walk to the police car, Greene started acting very nervous. The officer patted him down to look for weapons, and he felt a metal pipe in Greene's waistband.

The officer put one handcuff on him, and Greene hit him in the face with the handcuffs. Greene hit him several times with his fist and tried to grab the pipe in his waistband.

According to the report, Greene screamed, "I will kill you!"

When Marine veteran and former police officer Darryle Tate drove by and saw what was happening, he stopped to help and pulled Greene off of the officer and got control of the situation.

Memphis Police Department said Tate may have saved an officer's life with his actions.