In response to the tragic and senseless murder of Sebastian County, AR, Sheriff's Office Corporal Bill Cooper and the wounding of Hackett, AR, Police Chief Darrell Spells, Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) National President Nathan Catura issued the following response:

"The thoughts and prayers of the members of our organization are extended to Sheriff Bill Hollenback, his deputies, their friends and their families. We are also keeping Chief Spells in our thoughts and wish him a quick recovery.

"Society is safer because of the selfless sacrifice of these two law enforcement officers and those officers who swiftly moved to safeguard their community by apprehending and arresting this heartless killer.

"It is hard to comprehend recent assertions that being a police officer is safer when brave men and women like Corporal Cooper are being taken from us so frequently. As officers, it is our obligation to protect the public, but to do so our nation must make a stronger commitment to safeguarding the lives of those in uniform."


The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association ( is the largest nonprofit, nonpartisan professional association that exclusively represents over 26,000 active and retired federal law enforcement officers from over 65 agencies.