ATS Armor LLC (wholly owned subsidiary of Achilles Technology Solutions, LLC [ATS]), a global designer and manufacturer of advanced, lightweight hard body armor, was selected to provide 500 Active Shooter Kits to the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD). The Active Shooter Kit consists of at least one front and one back torso stand-alone hard armor plate and a tactical carrying vest to be worn by the officers.

"ATS Armor is pleased to provide our Active Shooter Kits to protect the officers of the MDPD," stated Thomas Smith, CEO of ATS and Co-Founder of TASER International Inc. "Officers on the street today are facing an increasing threat from long-rifles compared to years past, and the protection for that threat requires hard armor. ATS Armor is working diligently to provide the best hard armor plates that protect the officers facing these threats and to ensure they come home safely," concluded Mr. Smith.

"As our police officers patrol and safeguard the streets of Miami-Dade County, ensuring their personal safety is paramount," stated Miami-Dade Police Department Director Juan J. Perez. "MDPD is always looking for new ways to reduce the risks posed to our officers, as well as ensuring they are prepared and equipped to address any threat. Although we hope the day never comes, we must prepare with the best training and latest equipment available to do our jobs."

About Achilles Technology Solutions LLC

Achilles Technologies Solutions (ATS) is a holding company, located in Scottsdale, AZ, for two subsidiaries: ATS Armor LLC and ATS Materials and Electrochemical Research LLC. ATS Armor LLC ( develops, assembles, and markets hard body armor for use in law enforcement and military markets both in the U.S. and around the world. The company's body armor is designed to meet and exceed the standards set forth in the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard 0101.06.

ATS Armor manufactures rigid body armor solutions to defeat the following Type threats as defined by the NIJ: IIIA, III, and IV along with special threat testing for customized performance. All ATS Armor is stand-alone and incorporates a patent pending QuadCurve design to increase both safety and comfort.