VIDEO: North Carolina Officer Will Not Be Charged in February Shooting

The officer who shot Akiel Denkins in Raleigh, NC, will not be charged with a crime, Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman announced Wednesday morning.

Officer D.C. Twiddy shot and killed Denkins in a struggle Feb. 29 on Bragg Street. Denkins' family has said shooting Denkins was unnecessary and the family said Denkins was shot in the back, reports WNCN.

Freeman, in a long release, said Denkins was shot four times. Only one shot hit him from the rear, going from the back of the shoulder to the front. Freeman also said residue from the gunshot wounds on Denkins' body indicates Denkins was shot at close range in a struggle.

"Officer Twiddy's decision to use deadly force was a lawful response to the situation and deemed necessary to defend himself," Freeman said in a statement.

Thus, she said, no criminal charges will be filed.