VIDEO: Cleveland Officer Gives His Pokemon Card Collection to Boy

A Cleveland police officer who had been collecting Pokemon cards since he was a child gave them all away to a boy who shares his passion for the game, reports WJW.

This week, 9-year-old Bryce was walking to a friend’s house in the Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland, OH, to show off a binder holding his prized collection of Pokemon cards, when an older boy stole the binder right out of his hands.

Cleveland police officers James Grotenrath and Ken Kirk showed up to investigate.

Police recovered the binder with the help of neighborhood kids, but some of Bryce's cards were missing.

Officer Grotenrath says after his shift, he went home, rummaged through his closet, and found his old collection. The 26-year old and two-year Cleveland police veteran surprised Bryce by giving him his cards, including one that is rare and expensive.

"It's a priceless item, but it's better to see someone else smile, and in my book, like my partner says, it's just happy to see a citizen smile instead of always frowning upon us and looking the other way," said Grotenrath.

"I think they're really nice and they help out the world," Bryce said of police officers.