VIDEO: Civilians Help Texas Officer Arrest Aggressive Suspect

An Arlington, TX, police officer is feeling grateful for his training and for some alert citizens who rushed to help him when he chased and took down an aggressive man who was threatening drivers.

It happened Tuesday afternoon in the middle of Green Oaks Boulevard in Southwest Arlington.

It was right next to an elementary school where kids were leaving to go home, and the officer knew the stakes were high to end a dangerous situation safely, NBC DFW reports.

Officer Richard Morrison was flagged down by a motorist and told about a man who was acting strangely, being aggressive, lunging at vehicles.

The man even threatened a woman with a knife, witnesses said.

At the end of a short vehicle pursuit, Morrison got out of his car with his pistol drawn. The suspect also got out of his car.

"I can see that he doesn't have any weapons, but he starts to approach me aggressively. At that point, I transitioned from my firearm to my Taser," said Morrison.

The man kept coming and Morrison had to deploy the Taser four times to get him under control, catching the attention of passing drivers.

At least four citizens who stopped to help, two of them helping to get the guy in handcuffs.

Police believe the suspect was under the influence of drugs.