VIDEO: Judge Blasts Prosecutors as New Freddie Gray Trial Begins

In a hearing before Officer Caesar Goodson's trial in the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams admonished the state and determined that they violated discovery rules, but he ruled that opening statements could still begin Thursday, reports the Associated Press.

Just before Goodson's trial was set to begin, his attorneys filed a motion asking the judge to dismiss the case because prosecutors didn't disclose that they had a meeting with the second prisoner who was in the wagon with Gray. Prosecutors said the meeting didn't produce new information.

During opening statements Thursday, prosecutors said for the first time that Goodson caused Gray's death by deliberately giving him a "rough ride," police lingo for teaching someone a lesson by putting him in a police wagon without a seat belt and driving so erratically that he is thrown around.

Goodson attorney Andrew Graham flatly disputed the notion that Gray was deliberately bounced around, saying: "There was no rough ride. It simply didn't happen."