Video: County Pulls Health Insurance for Nebraska Deputy Recovering from Ambush Shooting

Deuel County, NE, commissioners have yet to authorize temporary health coverage for a wounded sheriff's deputy while he continues to recover from an on-duty shooting.

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VIDEO: County Pulls Health Insurance for Wounded Nebraska Deputy

Tuesday morning, Deuel County, NE, commissioners did not make a decision on whether to pay for temporary health coverage for a wounded sheriff's deputy while he recovers from an on-duty shooting.

Deuel County, NE, Deputy Mike Hutchinson made a promise to serve and protect, and now he wants Deuel County to do the same for him, reports KNOP.

Hutchinson was shot four times on December 3, 2015 while serving an arrest warrant in Big Springs. While recovering from injuries sustained during the shooting, he's been on workman's comp.

However, recently, Hutchinson found out his family's insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, canceled their coverage.

Tuesday, Hutchinson, his family, and their attorney met with the county commissioners in hopes they would pay for equivalent health coverage similar to the one he had before, whether it's through COBRA or the Healthcare Marketplace, until he can return to work. The COBRA fee is about $1,500 a month.

It is not clear when or if the commissioners will approve insurance coverage.

Hutchinson says he's quickly finding out any officer or first responder who's hurt on the job could face the same dilemma.

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