A federal appeals court says people do not have a right to carry concealed weapons in public under the 2nd Amendment, reports the Associated Press.

An 11-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued the ruling Thursday.

The panel says law enforcement officials can require applicants for a Concealed Carry Weapons permit (CCW) to show they are in immediate danger or otherwise have a good reason for a permit beyond self-defense.

The decision overturned a 2014 ruling by a smaller 9th Circuit panel, which fueled a surge in applications and inquiries for permits to carry concealed guns.

The 9th Circuit covers nine Western states, but California and Hawaii are the only states in which the ruling will have any practical effect. The others do not require permit applicants to cite a “good cause.” Anyone in those states with a clean record and no history of mental illness can get a permit.