Two former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies were sentenced to prison Monday for their roles in the beating of a handcuffed jail visitor and a scheme to cover up the assault, reports the Los Angeles Times.

U.S. District Judge George H. King rejected a defense attorney's request to show leniency toward Sussie Ayala and ordered that she serve six years in prison.

Ayala's attorney had argued that his client did not carry out the assault, but the judge found that Ayala was "the instigator” of the chain of events that led to the beating and, therefore, shared responsibility.

Ayala was immediately taken into custody to begin serving her sentence.

Soon afterward, the judge sentenced Ayala's former colleague, Fernando Luviano, to seven years in prison.

Ayala and Luviano were convicted in June alongside their supervisor at the county’s Central Jail facility. A federal jury found that the three violated the civil rights of Gabriel Carrillo, who was left badly bloodied.

The supervisor, former Sgt. Eric Gonzalez, was sentenced this month to eight years in prison.