Photo: Rogers County (OK) Sheriff's Office Facebook page

Photo: Rogers County (OK) Sheriff's Office Facebook page

Dep. Paul Tucker with the Rogers County (OK) Sheriff's Office is donating one of his kidneys to someone he had never met, and it all began with a Facebook post, reports KRMG Radio.

Tucker responded to a Facebook post by a friend of his, asking for help for a man who needed a kidney but has a rare blood type. He messaged the friend, filled out an application, did a test, and found out he was a perfect match.

"She said, 'You guys are a six-for-six match,'" he said. "I didn't find this out until later on, but the match that we are is one in a million."

A non-profit called Living Donors Assistance Program is helping Tucker with the travel expenses to Nashville, where the transplant will take place. His agency has been supportive, and several fellow employees have offered to donate time off to him if he needs it so he won't lose any pay.

The recovery from the operation will take weeks, with weeks more of light duty after that before he can return to patrol.

As for the why, Paul said it's pretty simple. The man who needs the kidney has a wife and two children.

"Me being a father myself, I would hope and pray that if I was in that situation, someone would do the same for me."