Left to right: DUSMs Frank Morales, Andrew Kottke, Michael Cifu and Matthew Barger PHOTO: NLEOMF

Left to right: DUSMs Frank Morales, Andrew Kottke, Michael Cifu and Matthew Barger PHOTO: NLEOMF

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) today announced the selection of Deputy U.S. Marshals (DUSMs) Matthew Barger, Michael Cifu, Andrew Kottke, and Frank Morales as the recipients of its Officer of the Month Awards for January 2015 at a certificate presentation at the U.S. Court of Appeals Ceremonial Courthouse.

In attendance at today's presentation, in addition to the DUSMs, was Chief Judge Eric T. Washington, United States Marshal for the Superior Court Michael Hughes; National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Craig W. Floyd; and Ms. Valerie Tillet, who was saved by the four DUSMs in the incident.

On Friday, June 6, 2014, Valerie Tillet, a District of Columbia Court employee, was returning from her lunch break when she was struck by a dump truck while traversing a crosswalk. Witnesses at the scene watched in horror as the dump truck then began to backup, pinning the woman and crushing her legs.

DUSMs Matthew Barger and Michael Cifu were returning to the Moultrie Courthouse from their lunch break when they came upon the scene. The two immediately ran to help Ms. Tillet, who had suffered severe injuries to her lower extremities and was losing blood rapidly.

DUSMs Barger and Cifu assessed the situation and utilized their training and experience to render first aid, including the use of an improvised tourniquet to try to stop her massive blood loss.

DUSMs Andrew Kottke and Frank Morales arrived on the scene soon after the incident. Surveying the chaos of the scene and the growing number of on-lookers, DUSMs Kottke and Morales took control of the scene and began relaying information to emergency medical and law enforcement personnel.

Upon their arrival, District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services (DC Fire/EMS) personnel praised the lifesaving work of DUSMs Barger and Cifu. The responding medics stated that if the care rendered by DUSMs Barger and Cifu had not been provided, Tillet would have had a drastically reduced chance of survival.

The supporting roles of DUSMs Kottke and Morales were instrumental in maintaining the safety of all parties involved. Without the efforts of DUSMs Kottke and Morales, it would have been impossible for DUSMs Barger and Cifu to focus on providing first aid to Tillet.

"The U.S. Marshals Service commends deputy marshals Barger, Cifu, Kottke and Morales on their vigilance, demeanor, situational awareness and execution of critical care in this tragic incident," said Supervisory Deputy United States Marshal Aaron Sawyer. "These deputy marshals' outstanding performance exemplifies the standards and expectations of the U. S. Marshals Service."

Deputy U.S. Marshals Barger, Cifu, Kottke, and Morales, along with the other Officer of the Month Award recipients for 2015, will be honored at a special awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., in May 2016, during National Police Week. In addition, their stories of service and heroism will be featured in the Memorial Fund's annual calendar.

For more information about the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund's Officer of the Month Award, visit www.LawMemorial.org/OTM.


Located in the nation's capital, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to telling the story of American law enforcement and making it safer for those who serve. The Memorial Fund's Officer of the Month Award Program began in 1996 and recognizes federal, state, and local officers who distinguish themselves through exemplary law enforcement service and devotion to duty.