Alexis Shaver may be the first and only female officer for the Sellersburg (Ind.) Police Department. But to the other 15 full-time officers on the force, she's no different from the rest, reports the News and Tribune.

"I get along with them just like anybody else, and they get along with me just like I'm one of the guys," Shaver, 23, said. " ... It would kind of make me upset if they did [treat me differently] here."

Shaver, a Sellersburg native, was a reserve officer for the department before she was hired on full time last year in the former dispatch office. She graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in November and was just released from field training at the beginning of January.

She’s proud to be the department’s first female officer. "I think it’s good for women to have a role model, especially because it is a man-dominated field," Shaver said.