Photo: Strong Leather Company

Photo: Strong Leather Company

Strong Leather Company's latest catalog of handcrafted badge cases, wallets, gear bags, and holsters is now available online. Whether you're purchasing USA-made products or an item from Strong Leather's economical, imported Centurion line, both are designed with the same attention to detail, and constructed using only the finest genuine leather to ensure years of use.

All of the company's recessed badge cases and wallets have been engineered to provide maximum protection for your badge and ID. The badge insert is removable for fast easy mounting, and includes two holes, which enables the badge to be worn around the neck when a chain is added. Strong products, both classic and contemporary, are designed to meet the critical demands of today's law enforcement community.

Included in the new catalog is Strong Leather's trifold wallet in its line of RFID Shielding products that protect against unauthorized RF scanning of personal and departmental information. Strong Leather wallets are made in the U.S.A.

Strong Leather's security barrier prevents RF detection at 13.56MHz and in the 860-980MHz ranges. This patent pending material limits the flow of RF energy between the reader and the smart card.

RFID Shielding products from Strong Leather include: badge cases, badge wallets, credit card sleeves, and ID holders to hang around the neck. You can find all of these RFID offerings along with the rest of Strong Leather's products in the company's new catalog.