VIDEO: Texas Trooper Sent to Counseling for Photo with Rap Star

A Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper has been sent to counseling for being in a photo with rap star Snoop Dogg.

The trooper was working security when Snoop Dogg was the keynote speaker during the music portion of the annual South by Southwest festival.

The trooper's attorney, Ty Clevenger, said the rapper approached the trooper and asked for a quick photo. DPS officials later saw a photo of the trooper and the rapper on Snoop Dogg's official Instagram account.

Clevenger said DPS cited the trooper for “deficiencies that require counseling for posing with a known criminal.”

"It goes in his personnel file. It's permanent and it can count against him for advancement and promotion," Clevenger told FOX4. "I know DPS says its not discipline... but it is discipline."

Snoop Dogg has been convicted multiple times for drug possession and hasn't made a secret of his use of marijuana. The rapper also faced a murder charge in 1993 when his bodyguard shot and killed a rival gang member, but both were acquitted.