VIDEO: New Jersey Officer Saved by Body Armor During Shootout

A New Jersey police officer was saved by a bulletproof vest after being shot, allegedly by a suspect on a bicycle Wednesday, authorities said.

According to police, East Orange Sgt. Michael Williams was fired upon several times on North Oraton Parkway around 11:30 a.m., after he attempted to stop 29-year-old city resident Robert O'Neil, who was riding a bicycle.

The officer, who was hit in his lower abdomen, an area covered by the vest, fired back three times. All three shots missed the suspect, who then ran off, NBC News reports.

More officers arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting and the suspect was apprehended. A handgun apparently used in the shooting was recovered nearby, officials said.

O'Neil, of East Orange, is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder and unlawful possession of a weapon. He also had an outstanding warrant, WABC TV reports.

Sgt. Williams experienced some trauma from the impact of the bullets into his armor. He was transported to a hospital, treated, and released.