VIDEO: Police, Church Replace Basketball Hoop Stolen From Man With Special Needs

Orey Green-Jalal is a 28-year-old Special Olympics athlete from Arlington, Texas, who spends much of his time shooting baskets in his driveway. That's why he was devastated when he came home a few weeks ago and a thief had stolen his basketball hoop. But police and a local church replaced the hoop.

Orey later saw Arlington Police Officer Natalia Kuehling at a community meeting and told her what had happened. She wanted to help him, so she called a faith-based group the department works with called the Arlington Clergy and Police Partnership (ACAPP).

Members of the group say Orey's story got to them. They decided to use the money they'd been saving for a Christmas party to instead buy a new basketball hoop for him.

Members of ACAPP and several police officers surprised Orey by delivering the hoop to his house and assembling it. They also poured a cement base for the hoop and filled the pole with cement to make sure it won't be stolen again.