The 22-year-old nursing student stood outside her family's Carmel home, staring in shock at an army of police officers in black vests pointing "big guns" at her, her father and her friend. A spotlight shone on her family's house, reports

The Chiasson family and Hannah's friend, who lives there, had been "swatted."

Local police officials say it has been rare in Central Indiana. An official with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said IMPD has never responded to such a call. Carmel police said the hoax call involving the Chiassons was only their second.

"This is more than a joke, in so many ways," Louisa Chiasson said tearfully. "There are so many lives put at risk when somebody does something like that. They have to understand that it isn't a joke. ... There's a lot of guns there. Something goes wrong, something goes off. You don't want to be in that situation unless you really, really have to be."