VIDEO: N.J. Officer's Heated Exchange With Trooper

A New Jersey trooper got into a verbal altercation with several Bergen County Police officers after pulling over their unmarked vehicle and approaching with his weapon drawn.

The ensuing argument was captured on the trooper's New Jersey State Police dash-cam video system. The trooper has not been identified, reports

After pulling over the vehicle on the New Jersey Turnpike in Leonia on May 31, the trooper approached with his weapon drawn. There had been several robberies involving suspects who impersonated police, the trooper wrote.

After providing his ID to the trooper, one of the officers told him to "get the f**k out of here." One of the officers can be heard calling it "a rookie move." Two of the Bergen County PD officers have been identified as Officer Robert Duboue and Sgt. Gabriel Escobar, who at one point tells the trooper to "go cry to your boss."

The dash-cam footage was initially obtained by the Cliffview Pilot.