VIDEO: Memphis Officers Wounded in Fiery Barricade Incident

Two Memphis TACT officers were shot yesterday in an incident that began with an attempt to serve a warrant on a suspect who was wanted for attempted murder. The suspect was found dead inside a house following a barricade incident.

The TACT officers gained permission to search for the suspect inside a house from the suspect’s landlord. Police Director Toney Armstrong told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that after entering the house, the officers came under fire from the suspect, Aaron Dumas. TACT officer Timothy Jackson, 26, was wounded in the leg. Officers returned fire and retreated from the house to set up a perimeter.

A three-hour barricade ensued. Officers tried to communicate with Dumas, but he refused to talk. Officers then fired a chemical agent into the house. Dumas reacted to the gas by firing numerous shots from a window. One of his shots struck another TACT officer, Paul Hutchison, 34, in the thigh.

Hours into the barricade, the house caught fire. After the fire was put out, officers entered the home and found Dumas dead in a bathtub.

Officer Jackson was treated and released. Officer Hutchison is recovering in the hospital in stable condition.