Neighbors who suspected drug activity at all hours at a North Portland home posted and distributed "Heroin for sale" fliers that, in part, helped tactical officers raid the property.

North Precinct officers, acting on months of residents' observations, obtained a search warrant to raid the house on North Massachusetts Avenue. Together with the Special Emergency Reaction Team, they swept in early Tuesday morning and arrested seven adults and took a 15-year-old into protective custody from the home.

Officers credited the neighborhood for documenting activity at the home that helped officers obtain the warrant.

"They were really instrumental in rallying support in the neighborhood. They were noticing foot traffic, vehicle traffic. They were paying attention to the behavior of the residents who lived there. They were writing down license plates, times of when activity was happening,'' said Sgt. John Birkinbine. "They were committed over the long haul and continued to encourage us.''

Source: The Oregonian