VIDEO: Fla. Trooper Arrests Miami Cop at Gunpoint

The Florida trooper who pulled over a speeding Miami Police officer ignored orders to back off and didn't relay all the facts of the traffic stop when initially interviewed, according to the report on the incident.

The report, issued by the inspector general of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, stopped short of recommending disciplinary action for Trooper Donna Jane Watts.

Video of the Oct. 11 traffic stop in South Broward County went viral, and the incident sparked a vicious back-and-forth battle between officers of the two agencies.

Watts, who detained Miami officer Fausto Lopez at gunpoint after clocking him at 120 mph in his cruiser, ignored an order from her supervisor to "back off" because she thought he meant "slow down." Watts later told her supervisors what happened, but left out important details—like the fact that she pulled her gun on Lopez, reports the Palm Beach Post.