Photo: Panoscan.

Photo: Panoscan.

Panoscan has introduced The Ferret, a remotely controlled, under-carriage vehicle inspection robot, according to the company.

The Ferret is a mobile robot camera that moves under low-profile vehicles. It features a movable color video camera with on-board lighting. The Ferret, which can operate day or night, sees up and around drive shafts and deep into wheel wells.

From big trucks to low-clearance sports cars, The Ferret moves quickly under remote control, and its wireless, real-time video camera "eyes" transmit razor-sharp images from almost 1,000 feet.

The Ferret features video eyeglasses and a belt-clip receiver that allows for thorough inspection of a vehicle in less than 20 seconds. The Ferret's hot-swap power supply allows for continuous operation, while off-the-shelf batteries and chargers can be found at hardware supply stores everywhere.

The Ferret's weatherproof housing keeps the camera, lights and transmitter dry. The circular body keep it from getting stuck in a corner. There are no ramps or control cables to set up and no need to enter the vehicle. The robot can goes from its airline ready, rugged carrying case to full search mode in under 30 seconds.