Four women were arrested after fighting with an Atlanta Police officer attempting to settle them down in an early morning confrontation at an IHOP in Buckhead, Ga.

The women later claimed the officer used excessive force during an interview with their attorney and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Cell phone video of the incident was posted to YouTube.

The officer at the center of the incident was off duty at the time and has not been identified. A second officer also can be seen in the video clip.

The initial officer was attempting to quiet the women down, and asked them to leave the restaurant shortly after 3 a.m. on Saturday. The women apparently became animated when they saw several other patrons dressed as "Star Wars" characters.

The officer is seen on video punching Ashley Leavell, after she grabbed the officer while he was attempting to remove one of the rowdy women. Leavell was charged with obstruction, public drunkenness and simple battery. Also, Cynthia Freeman has been charged with obstruction of justice, criminal trespass and simple battery.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Watch the video:

VIDEO: Over the Limit at Georgia IHOP