Proposed laws in Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas would bring new gun rights to students, teachers and others who attend college campuses.

In Florida, lawmakers are considering a bill introduced by State Sen. Greg Evers that would allow firearms to be carried openly on college campuses by those who have concealed carry permits. The state currently prohibits concealed carry on school campuses.

Evers bill would not apply to K-12 campuses, reports. The state lawmaker has said he believes people should be allowed to carry firearms on campus for self protection. 

In Idaho, a law student recently filed a lawsuit against the University of Idaho to overturn its gun ban. Currently, the university does not allow guns in student housing. However, firearms may be stored at the Police Campus Substation, Politics Daily reports.

Lawmakers in Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, Nebraska and New Mexico have also introduced bills that would allow concealed weapons on college campuses.

Arizona is considering several new gun laws, including a "Firearms Omnibus" bill that would make Arizona the second state in the nation to require universities and communities to allow guns on campus, reports The Arizona Republic

In Oklahoma, state Sen. Steve Russell recently proposed a bill that would allow concealed handgun permit holders to carry a weapon on campus, reports the Associated Press. The state's 25 public college presidents have lined up against the bill.


Arizona Law Would Allow Guns On Campus