A Superior Court judge ensured the founder of the Asian Boyz gang will spend the remainder of his life in prison for a killing spree in the 1990s designed to establish a fearsome reputation for the gang, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Superior Court Judge Robert J. Perry said the crimes of 37-year-old Marvin Mercado deserve "the greatest sentence this court can impose." Only two of his victims were rival gang members. The remainder were law-abiding citizens.

A jury convicted Marvin Mercado earlier in the month, and recommended a life sentence.

Sothi Mehn and Mercado informally built the circle of friends and acquaintances into the Asian Boyz gang that counted 200 members at its height with the bulk of the gang's members in Southern California and affiliates in Northern California and Texas.

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Calif. Jury Recommends Life for Asian Boyz Shot-Caller