Tactical Headsets and Mics: 2011

Advanced communications systems for tac teams now include throat mics, nearly invisible wireless earpieces, and everything in between.

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Advanced communications systems for tac teams now include throat mics, nearly invisible wireless earpieces, and everything in between.


CeoTronics calls its CT ClipCom Digital an "In Ear Audio System." With custom ear molds providing "Certified Noise Reduction" of 26 dB, the CT ClipCom Digital system provides clear audio communications as well as needed hearing protection for tactical officers and SWAT team members. This advanced comm system also features BlueTooth integration, ambient noise reception/protection, wireless remote PTT, and "Whisper-Mode" sniper microphone.


FreeMotion 100 allows discreet, wireless earpiece communication utilizing patented, secure Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI). The sleek black FreeMotion 100 is a mere 2.4 inches long, but packs a rechargeable lithium polymer battery allowing up to 20 hours of continuous talk time through an 8mm noise-cancelling microphone. Volume control and push-to-talk buttons are on-set. Included are earbuds, ear wires, and magnetic dock with 5v USB adapter.

Pryme Radio Products

The Gladiator tactical HD throat mic system blocks background noise by picking up sound directly from the user's vocal cords. Dual mic elements provide excellent audio and eliminate the throat location placement issues often found with single element products. It has a new single-piece microphone for comfort and a surveillance-style acoustic tube earphone for private communications. Heavy-duty construction features polyurethane cable, rubber, and high-impact polycarbonate.[PAGEBREAK]

Tactical Command Industries

Originally designed for military Special Forces, Tactical Command Industries' Liberator II BTH Tactical Headset provides integrated two-way communication, a new behind-the-head suspension system for added comfort, and digital sound processing for accurate replication of ambient sound. Progressive audio-compression technology supports hearing safety. It's available in many configurations and for most radio makes and models. TCI Liberator II Tactical Headsets can also be integrated seamlessly with Avon C50 and FM53 gas masks for exceptional communication capability.

The Earphone Connection

The Crane Extreme Headset from The Earphone Connection's Tactical EarGadgets line uses bone conduction technology and offers 29 dB of noise reduction. Distinctive features include an ambidextrous connection for external mics and a remote push-to-talk button that operators can mount on their long guns. In addition, when wearing a gas mask the headset's Cobra noise cancellation throat microphone can work apart from or simultaneously with the boom mic. The headset is compatible with almost any radio.


Xacore's Threat4 Headset is designed to be indestructible with ruggedized aluminum housing. The lightweight, low-profile headset has a boom and quad mic system for true 360-degree situational awareness and clear failsafe communication. It also features 32 dB to 39 dB of hearing protection, active noise reduction, and a choice of single, dual, and tri radio push-to-talk options. Multiple ear plug and head strap options are available for long-term comfort. No batteries are required.

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