TLC's "Police Women" series has returned for a fifth season to follow four female officers with the Cincinnati PD. The show debuted on Thursday (Jan. 13), and episodes air Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Ohio's third largest city is the scene for "Police Women of Cincinnati," which follows the deputies as they investigate robberies, homicides, drug busts, and domestic violence.

The officers include Sgt. Tia Pearson, and offiers Colleen Deegan, Mandy Curfiss and Rose Valentino.

Sgt. Pearson is a seasoned cop and Iraq War veteran, who has recently promoted to the rank of sergeant. Her fiancé, Adrian, is also a cop.

Officer Deegan, also an Iraq War veteran, is one of the only women in the Cincinnati PD's elite Central Vice Control Section. She works with a group of proactive officers, targeting dangerous criminals with strategic undercover operations where she often tackles drug dealers or goes undercover as a prostitute.

Officer Curfiss is a former victims' advocate in the prosecutor's office. She's described by TLC as "aggressive, outspoken, and relentless when it comes to chasing down criminals." Her fiancé Jason is also a Cincinnati PD officer.

Officer Valentino works the midnight shift in Cincinnati's notorious Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, where she spends her nights "hunting down some of America's most dangerous offenders," according to the show. She has a young daughter, Lily, and fiancé, Matt.

The Cincinnati PD is overseen by Chief Col. Thomas H. Streicher, Jr. and covers a 78.6-square-mile jurisdiction. The department's operation is divided among five bureaus — administration, patrol, resource, information management and investigations.

The department employs 1,092 sworn law enforcement officers serving Cincinnati's 333,000 citizens. In 2010, they received more than 280,825 calls for service; made 37,387 arrests; and investigated over 17,655 auto accidents.


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