One of the best known and most respected personal security experts in the United States, retired Marine Corps Major Kelly McCann, aka "Jim Grover," will be the keynote speaker at TREXPO East, at the Dulles Expo & Conference Center in Chantilly, Va.

Drawing from years of real-world experience, McCann will share his no-nonsense advice and tactics about security, executive protection, and anti-terrorism during his keynote on Thursday, August 23, 1000 - 1200 hrs.

Having formerly served in a variety of special operations billets as a Marine Corps Special Missions Officer, Kelly McCann is recognized as a subject matter expert in close combat, close-quarter battle, fourth-generation warfare, high-risk environment (HRE) tactics, techniques, procedures, and combating terrorism. While serving in the Marines, McCann was responsible for standardizing all hostage recovery tactics and equipment, and training all counter-terrorist forces. He has trained thousands of elite military, law enforcement, and corporate security personnel all over the world.

Also, during the TREXPO East conference, Kelly McCann and Eric Weinberg will share their experience in developing intelligence-led policing programs for state and local law enforcement in their session "Brains & Muscle – How Tactical Operations and Intelligence Led Policing Combine to Form More Effective Outcomes." Using the constructs of terrorism and all-crimes intelligence, they will illustrate how tactical operations and intelligence now increasingly intersect to prevent crime before it happens, and track criminal activity as it develops amongst an increasingly more sophisticated and lethal criminal adversary.

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