TREXPO West 2007: Best of Show

Who says you can’t take it with you? Some of the coolest products at TREXPO West this year were made to be portable, and more than a few possessed that amazing “Why didn’t I think of that?” factor. Talk about a stellar combination.

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Who says you can't take it with you? Some of the coolest products at TREXPO West this year were made to be portable, and more than a few possessed that amazing "Why didn't I think of that?" factor. Talk about a stellar combination.

In addition to some excellent weapons, vehicles, training tools, and other tactical goodies, this year's TREXPO West featured some items that I'm sure will soon become standard issue after agencies discover how useful they are. I have a feeling they also possess the "How did I live without it?" factor.

The following is a sampling of some of the neatest stuff at the show.

Climb Assist: Climbing Tool

Climb Assist is a tool invented by a 24-year veteran police officer that allows officers to safely and efficiently scale a wrought iron fence. The ladder is made of a lightweight aluminum pole that hooks over the top of a fence and has anti-slip steps on both sides so officers can climb back up from the other side. It is secured with two simple latches. You can even secure the Climb Assist to the fence with handcuffs so it can't be moved until an officer removes it with the key. The top and bottom of the device are angled so it can be leaned up against any solid wall and used as a ladder. The Spike Cap is an accessory made of molded PVC that can be placed over spikes on a wrought iron fence to ensure the safety of officers, K-9s, and civilians as they climb over the fence. Need FREEinfo? Use #15303.

Command Concepts: The Command Board

The Command Board is a portable nylon briefcase that unfolds to reveal a NIMS compliant ICS management tool. It sets up in less than a minute to organize incident command with dry erase boards, clipboards, and accordion-style sections for storing papers. It's the perfect size to spread on the hood of your car or can be hung up. The Command Board can be purchased with or without the Law Enforcement Command Board Package. The package includes specific logs and tactical guidelines for eight critical incidents including barricades, riots, bomb threats, officer-involved shootings, and natural disasters. Included is a master CD containing ready-to-print forms that can be customized for your agency. The Command Board is available in three sizes and three colors: black, woodland camo, and desert camo. Need FREEinfo? Use #15304.

Remote Control Robot: Recon Robotics

Rugged, portable, and remote controlled, the Recon Scout provides tactical reconaissance from a safe distance. Just pull a pin to activate the small cylindrical robot with a wheel on each end and you can literally throw it into action, even through a window. You can then control the robot with a simple joystick that contains a video screen. The robot relays visual and audio intelligence back to officers and can even flip itself over to provide a different vantage point. Need FREEinfo? Use #15305.

Tactical Medical Packs: Concealable Trauma Treatment Kits

Kits from the company Tactical Medical Packs allow you to carry lifesaving medical gear without the added space and weight. The tac-pack is easily concealable in most jacket or pants pockets. It's intended for the emergency treatment of open or bleeding wounds, gunshot wounds, stab wounds, explosive trauma, and certain smoke and dust conditions. The vacuum-sealed pack contains latex-free gloves, roll bandage, gauze, abdominal pad, N-95 respirator mask, triangular bandage, tape, occlusive dressing, and a CPR microshield. Need FREEinfo? Use #15306.

Ti Training Corp.: Interactive Training

If you're looking for a new scenario-based training system, check out Ti Training Corp.'s TR-101. The Training Room system incorporates Ti Training's interactive training courses into a tool that can be used in a classroom to teach multiple students at once. It works with common Microsoft software products to make scenarios and other presentations interactive via keypads used to respond to questions from the trainer, who can view all responses on his or her monitor. The trainer can even re-direct a presentation to show cause and effect of an incorrect answer or reinforce proper response. The system includes training room software, 24 keypads, USB RF receiver, operator's manual, and a carry case that makes it easily portable. Need FREEinfo? Use #15307.

TRX: Force Training Kit

For anyone who finds it difficult to get to a traditional gym, the Force Training Kit from TRX is a portable solution that provides physical conditioning training using body weight. The system of resistance bands can be attached to weight racks, doors, beams, trees-you name it, as long as it's sturdy. The kit itself weighs less than two pounds and stows to the size of an MRE. Need FREEinfo? Use #15308.

Xaver: Through-Wall Vision

With the Xaver 800 you can observe one or more people in a room and continuously monitor their activities without ever entering the room. It can be used in hostage rescue operations or other potentially volatile situations. The Xaver 800 is portable and foldable and provides 3-D imaging for better intelligence. You can also locate the sensor remotely at a distance of more than 60 feet from the operator. Need FREEinfo? Use #15309.

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