These seven docking stations offer connectivity for Ethernet, USB, LAN and other options to take you beyond basic mounting solutions:

First Mobile Technologies

First Mobile Technologies' Dell XT2 XFR docking station for the Dell fully rugged XT2 XFR tablet has a built-in 8x DVD-RW drive that reads and writes to CDs and DVDs. The dock has the option of adding 3 RF antenna pass-through connections. It allows for multiple mounting options for full notebook or tablet functionality and works well in vehicles with limited mounting space. FMT provides mobile laptop mounting specific docks and cradles for all major manufacturers as well as installation services for docks, cradles, and peripheral devices.


Gamber-Johnson's MAG 31 Dock is constructed of a magnesium shell and includes a simplified front facing docking mechanism for easy one-handed docking and undocking of the computer. The MAG 31 Dock's simplified, patented, molded design reduces the number of parts, and improves cost. Additionally, the MAG 31 Dock contains forward facing ports for low mounting capability, minimal cable strain and minimal swivel resistance, is USB 2.0 compliant, and offers a variety of antenna pass-through options. New to the MAG 31 Dock, there are now two Ethernet and five USB ports.


New DS-PAN-211/221 series docking stations from Havis are designed for every generation of the Panasonic Toughbook CF-19. A combination of aircraft-grade aluminum uni-body with glass reinforced PC-ABS impact-resistant plastic covers, they feature flexible, constant connectivity maintained with a guided floating docking connector. DS-PAN-211/221 docking stations are engineered with fully functional rear facing connectors, and mounting bracket and integrated cable strain relief allow for ease of installation. An LED indicator light keeps the user informed of the dock's status at all times.

Kodiak Mobile by Jotto Desk

The rugged CF31 iDock docking station from Kodiak Mobile by Jotto Desk will soon be released to the market. It will include a new robust docking interface that is designed for the CF31-30-29. This unit is constructed of welded steel and features an internal port replicator, internal "intelligent" power management circuitry, 2.0 USBs, and Ethernet. All functions can be controlled and monitored at the tactile membrane control panel located at the front of the docking station. Surge suppression, avalanche voltage protection, reverse voltage protection, emi filtering, transient voltage protection, low voltage monitoring, auto activation and shutdown, and user controlled timed shutdown are all standard on this unit.


Recently upgraded, the PDRC (Permanent Display Removable Computer) combines a vehicle-mounted display and full-functioning keyboard for heightened accessibility inside law enforcement vehicles. The updated PDRC works seamlessly with other Toughbook mobile computers and now features a 40-percent brighter touchscreen display, improved user visibility, and a reduction in connection cables. Supporting Windows 7, it provides a secure and ergonomic system for transferring mission-critical data in the field and helps broaden the functionality of ultra-mobile devices.

RAM Mounting Systems

RAM Mounting Systems introduces a port replicating docking station for the Panasonic CF-U1. Designed to complement the low profile of the CF-U1, RAM's dock is an affordable and low-profile solution for docking the Panasonic CF-U1. Features include serial input, VGA output, LAN, five USB ports, Dual RF pass through, DC input, and integrated cable management. RAM offers an extensive line of mounting options and backs its products with a lifetime warranty.

Troy Products

Montebello, Calif.-based Troy Products offers docking stations and low-profile consoles with computer mounts that focus on best use of vehicle space. Computer mounts feature locking swing arms to allow the user to lock the mount in many positions including home position. Three new models of swing arms work with laptops, docking stations, and screen-keyboard combinations. New computer mounts feature a distinctive attachment that results in strong, smooth-moving, minimal shaking installation. Mounting solutions available include console top, console face, console side, passenger seat, and floor plate installations.