A tactical law enforcement trade show like TREXPO East tends to attract some fairly innovative tools. This year's show was no exception.

Walking the aisles, you could see the latest tactical vehicles, weapons, communications, and apparel. Here's a quick look at some of the things that caught our attention.


ESS Crossbow Eyeshield

ESS's new Crossbow eyeshield offers pretty much everything you have come to expect from ballistic eye protection. It can be fitted with a wide variety of Mil-Spec lenses; it can accommodate a prescription insert; and it offers great fog and scratch resistance. It also features one really cool ESS innovation: the Dedbolt. The Dedbolt is a little latch on the bridge of the glasses that secures the lens when closed and facilitates lens replacement when open. It's a great feature for anyone who worries about the security and stability of interchangeable eyeshield lenses.



The O'Gara Group HUD Goggles

The Sensor Systems Division of The O'Gara Group showed its new Model 2755 Enhanced Heads Up Display (EHUD) for night vision. Using the EHUD, operators can superimpose full-color information gathered by navigation tools, vehicle systems, weapons sights, and thermal imaging devices into their night vision goggles and monoculars.



Real Auto PC Protector Computers

Pennsylvania-based Real Auto PC (RAPC) designs compact computing systems for the military and now the company is starting to pursue the law enforcement market. The Mil-Spec Protector and Protector HQ computers are smaller than a paperback book and feature Intel Pentium processors, 100GB hard drives, RCA/VGA display outputs, USB ports, a parallel port, and a serial port. Matched with a display and a ruggedized keyboard, they can be used as mobile data systems in law enforcement operations. Both units use only 17 watts of DC power and are AVL/GPS/Phase II mapping software




TI Training 3D Simulation

In an effort to make its Training Lab use-of-force simulator a more effective training tool, Ti Training is working with Real 3D to create 3D scenarios. The 3D option sells for about $12,000 for the transponder and 3D glasses. Currently the company offers 10 3D scenarios with many more on the way.



X-caliber Tactical Strafer Less-Lethal Gun

X-caliber Tactical's Strafer Mark 4 less-lethal weapon turns airsoft projectiles into a pain compliance tool. Powered by a lightweight compressed gas tank and about the size of an FN P90 subgun, the Strafer fires 150 rounds per second at muzzle velocities up to 625 feet per second. (That's gotta sting.) It holds up to 7,200 rounds of 6mm airsoft ammo.