Police Product Test: Zero Tolerance Ranger Green Knife

The Ranger Green knife from Kershaw's sister company Zero Tolerance is a no-nonsense, hard-use knife built for duty use and made to stand up to and survive the harshest environments.

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The Ranger Green knife from Kershaw's sister company Zero Tolerance is a no-nonsense, hard-use knife built for duty use and made to stand up to and survive the harshest environments.

Designed in collaboration with Strider Knives, this fixed-blade knife is compact enough to be carried on a duty belt, yet tough enough to hack through a board or pry open a door. What makes the Ranger Green so tough is the fact that it is a full-tang knife; the blade and grip are one piece. This ensures there can be no weak point where the grip and blade join on other knives. To increase strength, the blade is S30V stainless and is approximately a quarter-inch thick. To increase durability, the blade is Tungsten DLC-coated, which increases the stainless steel's corrosion resistance and gives it a matte black finish.

To ensure a secure grip, the Ranger Green features ridged G10 grips as well as a finger groove on the tang and serrations on the flat back side of the blade. For those who operate in truly harsh environments, a lanyard hole machined in the grips and frame allows you to further secure the knife.

An included Kydex sheath, just as tough as the knife, has six rivet closures and a belt loop secured with four screws. Its tight friction fit and safety strap secure the knife nicely. The Zero Tolerance Ranger Green is built to endure all that a duty day can dish out. If you're looking for a serious work knife, give Zero Tolerance consideration.


M4 Case

The M4 case from Americase is perfectly sized to protect your M4-sized Carbine or AR15. Americase cases are built to survive airline baggage handlers, who are known to treat luggage with less than tender loving care. If these cases can survive the handling on a ramp, they can easily handle you tossing them in and out of your cruiser's trunk every day.

I also found the M4 case tough enough to hold my large body. While using the M4 case for a step is not suggested, I can tell you it didn't bend or dent with my 240+ pounds standing on it. So your briefcase or rollout bag shouldn't damage this aluminum case when stacked on top. For closures, butterfly toggles ensure the locks won't open if they are bumped. You can even add a lock to each toggle for added security. And the case's inner lipped gasket will keep rain and spilled coffee out.

Americase not only builds cases for M4s and AR15s, but also for most any firearm in your inventory up to a long gun firing a 50BMG cartridge. You can also find Americase cases to protect other duty gear from cameras to forensics equipment.


Side Trip Bag

The Side Trip is one of the reasons 5.11 is becoming a leader in duty and travel bags. It looks like a black attaché case or gym bag, yet is designed to carry your daily duty gear or act as a rollout bag. It's tougher than many other bags because it's made of 1,000-denier reinforced nylon.

You won't run out of storage space in this pocket-filled bag. Two front pockets are sized to hold a small notepad each, plus each contains several smaller pockets to keep all of your pens, pencils, and penlights organized. The rear pocket will carry a laptop, and the end pockets are capable of carrying most one-liter polymer bottles or duty radios. The Side Trip's main pocket has MOLLE straps on one side, while the other is designed to utilize a BBS (backup belt system: a series of Velcro-backed holsters, mag pouches, etc.) to allow you to discreetly carry your extra gear. The main pocket can also accommodate extra clothing or a large raincoat with room to spare.

To enhance strength, the carry handles wrap around the bag. The straps are discreetly wrapped under the front and rear pockets. The shoulder strap attachment also wraps the length of the Side Trip under the end pockets and under the outer reinforcing layer of 1,000-denier reinforced nylon on the bottom of the bag. All of these added straps and layers ensure that what you carry in the Side Trip will stay put.

For your comfort the carry strap is contoured to better fit your shoulder and has a rough finish so the bag won't slip down your arm. Made of solid polymer and interlock, the bag's handles are substantial and easy to grab on the go. 5.11 has built this bag for looks, comfort, and function. Check out the Side Trip if you are looking for a new duty bag.

Special Ops Watch

Hawk Watch

Special Ops Watch has introduced its Hawk series of watches, which are good looking time pieces with a couple of twists. The first is they have lights: a blue backlight and a navigational light.

Hawk watches use three high-intensity orange LED lights that will light the way. I used my Black Hawk (black stainless version; the Thunder Hawk is the stainless model) to navigate in and out of the woods in archery season this year. The watch stays lit for approximately one minute at a time. These lights are also bright enough that you can use them to read a map, making this a useful tool.

The lights would put a strain on watch batteries, so Special Ops uses magnetic induction to recharge the watch. Simply put the watch on its charger stand when you go to bed and it will be ready for use when you wake up. The LEDs come on when the watch is charging so the watch acts as a night light while charging. What more can you ask for from a watch?

I found the Special Ops Black Hawk watch to be good tool. Not only did it light the way in and out of the woods, but it will light up under the seats or cargo area of your vehicle when you are looking for small items. If you are looking for a new watch, check out the Special Ops Hawk watches.

Cavalry Arms

Personal First Aid Kits

For those times when first responders need to administer first aid before paramedics can arrive, Cavalry Arms has developed the L.E.P.A.K. (Law Enforcement Personal Aid Kit) and the I.T.K. (Individual Trauma Kit).

These two kits fit neatly in a BDU pocket, making them easily accessible even when you're away from your car. For additional carry options, the L.E.P.A.K. is shipped in a belt pack. Both kits contain bandages, gloves, gauze, and Celox. For those not familiar with Celox, it's a hemostatic agent that quickly stops bleeding from major wounds. On average, most wounds treated with Celox will stop bleeding in 30 seconds, which can mean the difference between life and death for a victim with a major wound.

Both the L.E.P.A.K. and I.T.K. are designed for use on the job, at home, or wherever they're needed. These kits can augment your first aid kit or be used as stand alone units. Priced at $60 and $40, they won't break the bank and could save a life. Hopefully this is an insurance policy you'll never have to use, but you'll want it if it's needed.

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