Rifle Optics 2008

The year's new long-gun optics.


Aimpoint continues to develop new optics that operate on the company's Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology (ACET). First available in the CompML3 red dot system, the ACET has now been improved and built into the company's new CompM4 sight. Super ACET technology gives the CompM4 sight up to eight years (80,000 hours) of operation on a single AA battery.

The CompM4 has an integral mount, which means you don't need a special ring to attach it to your rifle. It can be customized with vertical and forward spacers to fit a variety of weapons systems.

One of the reasons the CompM4 is very popular with the military is its compatibility with night vision. The sight has Aimpoint's proprietary band-pass coating on the front lens, which reflects select frequencies of red light at 100-percent efficiency but transmits nearly 100 percent of light in the infrared and near-infrared spectrum for the brightest and clearest possible image when using 3rd-Gen NVDs.

Aimpoint CompM4

System: Passive red-dot collimator
reflex sight

Magnification: 1X

Reticle: 2 MOA

Housing: Extruded aluminum

Battery: AA

Battery Life: 80,000 hours

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Officers who want to mount a red-dot sight on their rifles but don't want to worry about batteries may want to check out Leupold's new Prismatic Riflescope.

The Prismatic Riflescope features a glass-etched reticle that's visible with or without the attachable illumination module. When the illumination module is removed, the reticle is no longer bright red, but it's daylight visible.

With a true 1X optical system, the Prismatic Riflescope offers a generous field of view. Also, the Prismatic Riflescope allows you to shoot with both eyes open for faster target acquisition.

Leupold 1x14 Prismatic

Length: 4.5 inches

Tube Length: 2.6 inches

Magnification: 1X actual

Eyepiece Length: 1.9 inches

Tube Diameter: 30mm

FOV @ 100 yards: (83.0)

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Verona, Italy-based Konus is not as well known in American law enforcement as some optics companies, but its hoping that the new KonusPro M-30 series of rifle scopes will change that.

The M-30 comes in three variations: 4.5-x40mm, 6.5-25x44mm, and 8.5-32x52mm. Each of the true 30mm riflescopes features lockable tactical turrets, one-eighth-minute audible tactical adjustments, and a lockable fast-focus eyeball. The scopes offer windage and elevation adjustment and strong resolution. They also feature an illuminated blue reticle that can be seen easily against any other color. On all Konus scopes, the reticle is etched into the glass.


KonusPro 8.5-32x52mm

Tube Diameter: 30mm

Reticle: Engraved illuminated blue mil-dot

Finish: Black matte

Optics: Multi-coated, high-definition

Adjustment: 1/8-minute resettable to zero

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Few gun sights in the world have seen more combat than the Trijicon ACOG. But a great product can get even better, and that's why Trijicon has improved the ACOG 4x32 TA01NSN by combining it with a Docter Optic red dot sight.

The TA01NSN-DOC is the same battle-proven ACOG 4x32 with a Docter Optic 7.0 MOA red dot sight. The combination gives the shooter the quick acquisition close combat capabilities of a red dot sight and the longer range precision of the ACOG.

"Trijicon is proud to supply the U.S. Special Operations Teams with the Trijicon ACOG 4x32 for over 10 years-our collaborative work with SOCOM has yielded this improvement in the CQB capabilities of the ACOG," says Tom Munson, director of sales and marketing for Trijicon. "The overall 'point and shoot' characteristics of this all-in-one gun sight ensure that it will be the optic of choice for many tactical shooters, and it's always an honor to contribute to the safety and accuracy of those serving to protect our country.

Trijicon TA01NSN

Type: ACOG 4x32 with Docter Optic red dot

MOA: 7.0 on Docter Optic red dot

Magnification: 4X

Length: 5.80 inches

Day Reticle Color: Black

Night Reticle Color: Amber center

Reticle Pattern ACOG: Crosshair

FOV @ 100 yards: (36.80)

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