Long Guns 2008

POLICE Magazine takes a look at the newest long guns for law enforcement.

POLICE Magazine takes a look at the newest long guns for law enforcement. Here's a look, organized by manufacturer:


Beretta USA has been a major force in law enforcement firearms for more than two decades. The main market for Beretta is handguns; however, the new RX-4 Storm should bring Beretta a share of the law enforcement long gun market.

The Rx4 is a semiautomatic rifle chambered in .233 Remington. It's designed to be tailored to the individual officer's needs with multiple stock options, ergonomic adjustments, and ambidextrous controls. The RX4 should fit most any officer on the force because of this variety of features.

As you read this issue of POLICE the RX4 should be available for sale. From initial observations this rifle should work well for agencies that are hesitant to use an AR-style rifle but want a .223 chambered patrol rifle.


Bushmaster has been a leading manufacturer of AR-style rifles for many years. The company's Optics Ready Carbine carries on Bushmaster's tradition of meeting customers' needs. Unlike 90 percent of the ARs on the market today, the ORC is a true flat top; it has no sights but ships with a Picatinny rail on the gas block for a front sight. This allows you to low-mount almost any sight-red dot or telescopic-without having to clear the front sight. The lower a mount you have, the more solid cheek-to-stock weld on the rifle, which hopefully translates to a more accurate shot.

The Bushmaster ORC is an M4-style carbine, with a six-position stock that can adjust to the operator's size and equipment load without sacrificing performance. Two half-inch Picatinny risers ship with the rifle to facilitate mounting of optics with built-in mounts; oftentimes they will not mount well to a straight flat top. This little touch shows how Bushmaster is looking out for the customer. To enhance the accuracy and ease of maintenance the chamber and bore area are chrome lined.

Bushmaster's Optics Ready Carbine is duty ready out of the box; simply add your choice of optics. Bushmaster firearms are generally readily available, so if you are outfitting your agency with new patrol carbines check out the ORC.

DPMS/Panther Arms

DPMS/Panther Arms has long been known for its competition-quality AR-15-style rifles. But over the past couple of years, the company has made major inroads into the military and law enforcement market. The Panther Mark 12 rifle is one of the reasons why DPMS/Panther Arms has become a popular choice for police departments buying tactical and patrol rifles.

The Mark 12 is more than just another AR-15; it is a highly refined tactical rifle that can be used for sniper/counter-sniper operations. The Mark 12 has an 18-inch free-floated black Teflon-coated 416 stainless steel barrel with a 1 in 8 twist. All of that adds up to one really accurate and versatile weapon. To improve accuracy even more, DPMS uses a two-stage trigger on the Mark 12.

Much of the Mark 12's versatility comes from its A3 flat top design, which allows you to mount a telescopic sight, red dot sight, or other optic. The rifle comes with a flip-up Yankee Hill front sight that's adjustable for windage and a Midwest Industries flip-up rear sight. It also boasts a four-rail free floated hand guard, which allows you to mount a number of accessories such as a bi-pod, white light tactical illuminator, laser, or an infrared aiming device.

The Mark 12 comes with a CAA grip and a Magpul winter trigger guard, which allows a shooter to easily operate the weapon while wearing gloves. So that the Mark 12 can be adapted to a user's size or equipment, the rifle is fitted with a Vltor LMT SOPMOD five-position stock.


Externally, LWRC's rifles look like any other AR; it's internally where it differs. LWRC, which stands for Land Warfare Resource Corporation, uses a short-stroke piston to make its firearms function. This means LWRC's rifles run cleaner, have less muzzle rise, require less overall maintenance, and generally have higher terminal ballistics.

LWRC's bread and butter rifle is the SRT (Special Rifle Teams), which is being used in many military special operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as by police officers here in the U.S.

The SRT features a mid-length rail system and low-profile gas block for ease of mounting optics. Complete rifles use Magpul's MCTR Stock, MIAD pistol grip, and an enhanced trigger guard for comfort, as well as making this rifle adaptable to the mission. To meet your needs, you can purchase an SRT with a 10.5-inch, 14.5-inch, or 16.1-inch barrel.

LWRC sells complete rifles or you can retrofit your existing ARs with one of LWRC's uppers. Either way, you or your agency can't go wrong; check out LWRC's firearms.


Mossberg and duty shotguns are two terms that go together. This may be partially due to the fact that Mossberg builds shotguns that seem to run forever.

Mossberg's 590 Special Purpose is a pump-action shotgun packing nine rounds of 12-gauge three-inch ammunition. Included ghost ring sights allow accurate placement slugs at ranges out to 50 yards with ease. The top-mounted safety is ideal for left- or right-handed shooters, and the pump action is easily operated by officers of all sizes. The Special Purpose is available in numerous configurations to meet your needs. Mossberg's shotguns have passed NIJ Mil-Spec 3443 standards, which means your Mossberg should survive the harshest of days on the street.

Remington Arms

Remington Arms pump-action 870 shotguns have been used by agencies and departments across the country. And over the past several years Remington's semi-automatic shotguns have been appearing more and more for duty. Semi-automatic shotguns are faster reloading and softer shooting than pump-action shotguns.

The 1100 from Remington is a 12-gauge shotgun with a 2.75-inch chamber available with a pistol-grip stock or straight stock. Its magazine holds seven or nine rounds, depending on which version you choose. You also have the option of selecting either an 18- or 22-inch barrel. And for ease of operation the 1100 has an extended bolt handle.

Remington 1100s for duty have bead sights, sling studs, and an R3 recoil pad. The R3 pad dramatically reduces felt and transferred recoil, which makes the shotgun much easier to shoot and reduces flinching. If your department is looking to upgrade to a semi-automatic shotgun, the 1100 could be it.

Rock River Arms

It wasn't that long ago that Rock River Arms was known for manufacturing custom 1911s. Today, Rock River Arms manufactures not only 1911s, but also some of the most in-demand AR 15s. These ARs are in service by individuals and agencies world wide.

Rock River Arms has everything from a standard no bells and whistles AR 15-A2 up to its top of the line ready for duty Pro Elite Series AR. The Pro Elite is an M4-style carbine complete with a Daniels Defense 12.0 FSPM Quad Rail, Surefire M910 light/vertical forearm, Aimpoint Comp M2 sight with ARMS QRP mount and spacer, Ergo pistol grip, RRA winter trigger guard and tactical muzzle break, ARMS flip-
up rear sight, Badger Tactical Latch, and a flip-up front sight on the gas block. You also receive five 30-round magazines and an Eagle Industries Discreet Carry Bag. Except for the ammunition and sight, this AR comes ready for duty or competition.

The RRA Pro Elite Series M4 should serve you on duty or at the range for years to come.

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