Police Product Test: Streamlight TLR-3 Weapons Light

Overall I found the TLR-3 to be a fine light. With its interchangeable locking plates it is one of the most versatile weapon-mounted lights on the market.

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Over the last decade I have been fortunate to be able to use numerous products from Streamlight. Its new TLR-3 Weapons Light is another fine product in the Streamlight family.

Compared to other weapons lights, the TLR-3 is substantially smaller, weighing in at just 2.32 ounces. This means you can carry it unobtrusively in a pocket should you be in plain clothes, and it won't add much to your heavy load while on duty. It's also designed to fit most all mounting rails on the market. Try to find another light that offers all that.

The TLR-3 is easily operated with one hand-right or left thanks to the toggle switch. I found it fits the weapons I mounted it on quickly and securely. This diminutive light gives the user 90 lumens of output with its high output LED and a continuous use runtime of 1.5 hours on a single CR123A lithium battery.

Overall I found the TLR-3 to be a fine light. With its interchangeable locking plates it is one of the most versatile weapon-mounted lights on the market. And it's small enough to be mounted on a compact backup weapon and not make it unbalanced. I doubt many other lights can make this claim.

I have mounted the TLR-3 on my H&K P30, which is my "house gun" and oftentimes my daily CCW pistol. Trusting a light to protect myself and my house is the highest praise I can give it.

Command Arms Accessories

X6 Railed Forearm

One of the fastest growing areas in the shooting industry is that of aftermarket parts and accessories for AR-style rifles. Command Arms Accessories (CAA) has become one of the major vendors of quality parts for ARs, whether you use one for duty, competition, or personal protection. And CAA's X6 is definitely a quality accessory.

The X6 is a quad Picatinny railed forearm with two additional rail mounts that wrap around the front sight. You have six rails to mount lights and infrared aiming devices, hence the "6" in the name. The front rails will easily accommodate the current and growing number of small lasers sights without cluttering your sight picture.

You can install the X6 yourself simply by removing the existing forearm and replacing it with the X6. To mount this system on my Cavalry Arms Scout required less than five minutes. The rail is solid and fits like a glove, and I liked the tan color. You also can have the X6 in black or green to meet your requirements or personal preference.

One of the features I like about the X6 is that it comes standard with two long rail covers and six short covers. This may seem like a minor addition to many folks, but I like the rail covers; they keep the rail from getting damaged and cover the sharp edges of the Picatinny rail.

If you are not a fan of the six-rail system, CAA has many other high-quality, affordable options to choose from.

Revision Eyewear

Sawfly and Ant

Another growing segment of the law enforcement shooting market is protective eyewear. I have found Revision Eyewear to be one of the most versatile manufacturers on the market today. Revision offers goggles, protective eyewear, and eyewear with prescription inserts that can be used in both glasses and goggles.

Several of my friends and I have used the Revision Sawfly Eyewear or its sister the Ant Tactical Goggle. These protective optics share a RX insert that allows the user to go from protective eyewear with a clear or tinted lens to a goggle for SWAT or motorcycle/ATV operations.

What sets the Sawfly apart from its competition is that it is available in regular or large to improve the fit. There is nothing worse than trying to fit small glasses to a big person; they are uncomfortable, reduce protection, and are prone to breakage. When you fork over your hard earned dollars you expect to receive a product that will serve you for more than a couple of days. I know of guys in "The Sandbox" whose Sawfly glasses have survived complete tours of duty.

The Sawfly's hard use counterpart is the Ant, a pair of goggles that won me over. I am not generally a fan of goggles because they tend to be uncomfortable, heavy, stiff, and prone to fogging. The Ant was none of these; they are comfortable, fit the face well, and thanks to mesh screened vents they don't fog on humid days.

Being optically challenged, what I like about these two protective eyewear systems is the interchangeable prescription insert. It means you can use a corrective prescription in two pairs of ballistic eye protection for the price of one pair of lenses. With what prescription lenses cost, this is a major savings.

Another feature that sets Revision glasses apart is their interchangeable shields and lenses that come in different colors. These allow you to protect your eyes in the dark, haze, or sunlight. Revision glasses and goggles are not just for wear in the sun; you need to protect your eyes in all lighting conditions.

I have been impressed with the Revision Sawfly and Ant. They are designed with the end user in mind, protecting your precious eyesight while looking good. Consider Revision Eyewear if you are looking for new glasses and goggles for on- or off-duty use.

Action Target

Target Stand and Practice Targets

One of the challenges facing law enforcement today is a lack of quality ranges for training. Many of the ranges are poor at best, crappy at worst. These ranges have barely adequate target holders, let alone reactive steel targets. To remedy this situation, Action Target comes to the rescue with a wide array of target stands and reactive steel that are man portable.

Action Target's PT Hold is an all steel, three-piece unit (two-piece base and one vertical support) that assembles in less than five minutes; and can be easily stored when assembled. The PT Hold uses one-by-two boards or lath slats for target stays. The slats clamp onto the vertical support with thumb screws. Once the slats are secured in the holders, staple a cardboard backer and target to it and you're ready to shoot.

Another product from Action Target that will improve your accuracy and make range time more enjoyable is the Evil Roy Practice Target. Thanks to its heavy-duty tripod legs, this portable steel plate can be set up on any range in a matter of minutes. The Evil Roy can be had with a six-inch, eight-inch, or 12-inch plate. The "head" of the Evil Roy Target will "bounce" a little when hit, giving the shooter instant feedback when hit, and the various sizes of these targets make them challenging to shoot at.

I have been using the PT Hold and Evil Roy Practice Target over the last few months. The target stands have been tossed in and out of my SUV and used on the range in conditions from rain and snow to near gale winds. What amazed me was that the X frame of the PT Hold and the tripod of the Evil Roy did not get blown over or move around in the wind.

By virtue of surviving the nasty weather of late winter and early spring in Western Pennsylvania, Action Target's systems get two thumbs up from me. These targets are well made, priced not to break the bank, and will enhance your individual and unit's range time. Whether your agency has its own range facilities or shares them, Action Target's PT Hold and Evil Roy Practice Target systems will be good additions to your training equipment.

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