Police Product Test: TruGlo Tru-See Targets

I like these new TruGlo Tru-See targets. They take some of the guesswork and haphazard engineering out of the precision shooting process.

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Photo courtesy of TruGlo.Photo courtesy of TruGlo.As a precision shooter, I can tell you that a good target is almost as important as an accurate rifle and match ammunition. After all, the bullet impact is the true measure of success, and if you can't tell where you hit in relation to where you aimed, you might as well pack it up for the day. 

I've spent a good amount of time behind the glass on a bolt-gun and would be lying if I didn't say I have used everything from clay pigeons and tactical silhouettes to a cross drawn on a white piece of paper with a black marker as my targets. A true "range rat" will always find something that works.

That why I like these new TruGlo Tru-See targets so much. They take some of the guesswork and haphazard engineering out of the precision shooting process. These handy self-adhesive targets come in a few different sized bull's-eyes and a handgun-specific silhouette.

What makes them unique are two things. First, they're laid out with TruGlo's Accugrid system of one-quarter-inch increments to make sight adjustments more of a science and less of a guess. Second, their black on green construction makes each impact stand out with a fluorescent green ring, easily seen from up-range.

TruGlo sent me a pack of their 12x12 bull's-eyes designed for 100-yard shooting. I stuck one of the large adhesive circles onto a sturdy piece of cardboard and hit the range to see just how "visible" these Tru-See targets were. At 100 yards, my 10-power scope focused nicely, and I was able to see the precise grid system quite well. I fired a three-shot group and was very impressed by how each impact was sharply contrasted against the black background. My rifle was already zeroed, but if I had needed to make adjustments I could've done so easily and accurately without leaving the firing line.

If you're a precision shooter or just need to accurately zero a rifle, I'd recommend picking up a pack of TruGlo's Tru-See targets. They come in packs of six or 12 and are very reasonably priced. The time and hassle they'll save you on the range is priceless.

TruGlo Tru-See Targets Specs:

  • Self-adhesive
  • Point of impact indicated by fluorescent green halo
  • Accugrid for zeroing
  • Comes with self-adhesive dots for extending life of target
  • Four different designs: 100-yard, 5 bull, handgun (body silhouette), and animal for hunters
  • Packs of 6 or 12
  • Price: $10 to $25

A.J. George is an officer with the Scottsdale (Ariz.) Police Department currently assigned to the advanced training unit as a firearms and tactics instructor.

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