Ecco Introduces 12+ Series Vantage Lightbar

Ecco's best-selling lightbar now includes an integrated Safety Director and ICE optics.

Ecco, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle warning and safety equipment, has announced the release of the 12+ Series Vantage Lightbar.

Building upon the popular 12+ Series Vantage lightbar, the 12+ Series now comes standard with an integrated Safety Director and is available in 48", 54", 60", and 72-inch lengths.

12+ Series Vantage Lightbar (Photo: Ecco)12+ Series Vantage Lightbar (Photo: Ecco)

The 12+ Series lightbar features 48 standard flash patterns and 11 new flash patterns in the integrated Safety Director that are ideal for various applications such as tow, public utility fleets, construction, and more. Patent-pending single- or dual-color ICE optics, standard stop-tail-turn capabilities, and additional worklamp and alley light options make the 12+ Series an extremely functional lightbar.

The SAE Class I lightbar has been tested above and beyond industry standards and is backed by a 3-year warranty, according to the company. Learn more about Ecco's new line of LED lightbars by visiting

For more information on Ecco's line of products, visit

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