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My Technology Can… Give Officers a 360-Degree View of an Incident

Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral gives agencies a tool for concentrating all known information about an incident and sending it to officers in the field.

Once the call comes in, CommandCentral starts a case file and begins concentrating information and centralizing it so that everybody on your team has the same data.Once the call comes in, CommandCentral starts a case file and begins concentrating information and centralizing it so that everybody on your team has the same data.

When it comes to keeping the public safe and reacting to emergencies, the right response requires the right information. It also requires clarity for better decisions. Unfortunately for many agencies, the systems and applications their officers use to gain that information and clarity are in need of a complete overhaul.

The Problem

Poor integration between different applications is not only frustrating for team members, but could also lead to information silos, inefficient workflows, and missing or duplicate data, all of which can put first responders and the community at risk.

Agencies are now faced with an overwhelming amount of data and that data is only increasing. In the world of public safety, the workflow doesn’t just move in one direction. Information flows back and forth between different teams, agencies, and the community. Keeping this information in data silos, without consistency and secure access between teams, slows your operations and increases risk.

We already know that people and systems that operate in silos create inefficiencies, but it can also lead to inconsistent user experiences and result in multiple points of failure. Not to mention, being unable to effectively manage the influx of data could mean missed connections and trends, which are vital for better situationalawareness.

Having the correct tools and technologies to automate your data and being able to utilize applications that work together toward a common goal instead of disparate solutions and patchy integrations can make all the difference.

The Solution

Imagine what could happen to your public safety workflows if a dispatcher entered data that automatically showed up on the field officer’s mobile device and any information the field officer collected during an incident was instantly transferred to your evidence technician. What could you do with one, centralized solution that gathers, connects, and distributes all of your agency data to the correct people? The good news is, the solution— Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral—already exists.

Your agency deserves a solution that is connected, collaborative and complete. Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral software suite keeps your information centralized, using intelligent correlation to collect and build an accurate and complete case file as the incident unfolds, giving your team a confident 360-degree view of any situation.

Because it’s made up of a host of cloud-native applications, CommandCentral lets your teams quickly respond to incidents with the confidence that they have the most complete information, from call to case closure. An end-to-end solution means less “swiveling” between screens and applications, which not only leads to faster response times, but eliminates duplicate data entry and keeps all of your public safety data at the ready.

* CommandCentral is connected. A unified, secure platform centralizes and connects all sources of data. This eliminates the information silos and uncover actionable intelligence across your entire workflow, end-to-end.

* CommandCentral is powered by a secure cloud platform. Every data source is connected and unified to uncover actionable intelligence and automate what can be automated—so you can focus on what matters most.

* CommandCentral is collaborative. The easy-to-use applications that make up CommandCentral are designed for information sharing. Using CommandCentral, you can remove any workflow barriers so your teams can share information and work efficiently with each other, with other agencies, and with your community. CommandCentral removes traditional technology barriers, strengthening collaboration and making interactions consistent and intuitive. Each application was designed in partnership with public safety so it offers the applications you need and it is easy to learn.

A Unified Platform

CommandCentral is a complete solution. Intelligent correlation builds the accurate and complete case file as the incident unfolds. The intuitive and intelligent features of CommandCentral keep your information in one place, making it easier than ever to access it, and you can be assured of the integrity of the data through an uncompromised 360-degree view of the incident.

Public safety agencies know that to build a successful case, you need the most accurate and complete data. With one, unified platform that automatically and intelligently correlates data as the case unfolds, you can build the most accurate, most complete case file so your teams can go to court with confidence. 

A key element of CommandCentral is workflow integration, which simplifies tasks for better decisions and greater efficiency, ensuring all of your team members have access to the same up-to-date information.

Here’s how the CommandCentral solution works.

The moment a citizen dials 911, that action begins a complex process involving an array of roles, including dispatchers who route calls to police, fire, and emergency medical services, first responders who help with the intake of data, and records specialists who preserve the integrity of information and evidence as well as manage post-incident documentation, investigations, analysis and prosecution. For these individuals, seconds and safety matter.

To support this team of differently trained professionals, integrated experience and a 360-degree view of the incident is generated with an assigned case number the moment an incident starts and continues to update as the incident unfolds. Users across the workflow can securely view and add relevant information to the virtual, centralized incident in real-time, from any location and with any form of data. With CommandCentral, information is accessible and easily shared up and downstream, giving agencies greater confidence in the completeness and integrity of the record at any moment in time.

CommandCentral is built on a unified platform, helping to securely bring information together across your operations and applications, from CAD data and video feeds to multimedia records and citizen inputs. As a result, your data is put to work so you can collaborate more easily and make better, more informed decisions through automated event flows, integrated workflows, a common user experience and collaborative communication.

Every day, your team depends on solutions that help deliver on the promise of a safer world. With a solution like the CommandCentral software suite, you can bring clarity to your public safety workflow and feel confident that you have the right information, every time. From call to case closure, you can rely on CommandCentral to connect all of your data to create actionable intelligence, eliminate barriers in order to heighten collaboration and deliver the complete 360-degree picture of the incident.

For more information about CommandCentral, visit the website.

Heather Fifield is an external communications specialist at MotorolaSolutions.

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