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workplace violence

TX Workplace Shooting: Deputy Shot in Throat, Woman Killed—Suspect Commits Suicide

“One of our deputies jumped the vehicle as it was leaving the scene,” DeFoor said. “The suspect jumped out of his car, started shooting at the deputy, the deputy returned fire. The deputy was shot one time in the throat."

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Michigan Man Fatally Shot After Allegedly Plotting 'Ambush' on Police

A Michigan shooting suspect was fatally shot Tuesday after he sought to "ambush" law enforcement officers at a plasma donation center, authorities said

Active Shooter Response from the Survivors' Perspectives

It's important that officers know how civilians may react to a shooting attack and police response to the attack.

Illinois Officers Injured in Warehouse Shooting Identified

The Aurora (IL) Police Department has released the names of its six officers who were injured in a deadly warehouse shooting earlier this month.

Workplace Shooting Outside Chicago, 5 Officers Wounded, 5 Civilians Dead

Multiple law enforcement agencies—local and federal—reportedly responded to the incident, and Aurora Police now say five officers were shot and wounded in the incident that left five workers at the business and the gunman dead. The injured officers are reportedly stable.

Woman Kills 3 People at Maryland Pharmacy Distribution Center

The woman—whose name has not yet been released—is reportedly in custody at a local hospital, although it is unclear what her injuries were.

4 Injured, None Fatally, in Wisconsin Workplace Shooting

Four people were shot—none fatally—in a workplace shooting in Middleton (WI) Wednesday morning. The suspected gunman was also shot and later died. It is unclear if the suspect was shot by police or if his wound was self-inflicted.

Man Suspected of Shooting Six People in MD, DE in Custody

A man suspected in a workplace shooting in Harford County, MD, that killed three people and critically injured two others was in custody Wednesday night after a multi-state manhunt.

Man Wanted for Maryland and Delaware Shootings Subject of Multi-State Manhunt

A multi-state manhunt was underway Wednesday for a man suspected in a workplace shooting in Harford County, MD, that killed three people and critically injured two others, and who is believed to have later shot another person in Delaware.

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Charleston Police Shoot Suspect, Ending Restaurant Hostage Incident

One person has died and a suspect has been shot by police and transported to a hospital after holding multiple people hostage for hours inside Virginia's on King restaurant in Charleston, SC.